Working teams

A la hora de dar nuestros servicios, no estamos solas, en cada una de las áreas trabajamos con compañeras expertas que aportan experiencia y valor a cada uno de nuestros trabajos.

Participatory processes

ko-energia was created for the purpose of building a multidisciplinary team to reinforce participatory processes developed around energy. This team includes KISAR and:


ARTELAN, Desarrollo Local, participación Ciudadana e Investigación Social
Artelan was created to develop and support projects aimed at promoting and impacting local and community development through tools such as citizen participation, social research, collective training or group dynamics.


ARANKOA, Despacho Jurídico ,
Arankoa offers legal services to people, while applying law in an innovative way with the purpose of proposing solutions to needs expressed through listening, dialogue, mediation, and negotiation.

Biomass consultancy and projects
SUNO, Ingeniería de Servicios Energéticos

SUNO, Ingeniería de Servicios Energéticos
SUNO is specialised in renewable energies, and its team accompanies KISAR in every biomass project. They deliver their experience, based on a long trajectory designing and executing installation projects for biomass boilers and heating networks.

Re-signifying wisdoms and making women visible in the new technologies sector

Resignificación de saberes y visibilización de mujeres en nuevas tecnologías. SORKIN, alborotadoras de saberes
They implement educational proposals that give a new meaning to ‘wisdoms that put life at the centre’. At the same time, they bring to visibility the science those wisdoms imply and they show female and diverse references in science.  

Working teams

Besides, we participate in networks with other organisations with whom we share the same vision on Energy Transition:

Network of Women for an Eco-feminist Energy Transition
This group weaves networks of support and denunciation. It also creates transformation tools and promotes an eco-feminist energy transition together. It is an “unfinished network that has spaces that need to be filled, with women yet to come, with the experiences of all, even with absences, because absences also fill empty spaces”. (Marta Abiega)
Community energy coalition
Manifiesto coalición energía It is a plural, inclusive, space where environmental organisations, cooperatives, local authorities and municipality networks work together in order to achieve a transformation in energy towards a 100 % renewable future in the hands of people and communities.
Alliance for Self-Consumption It has a wide participation of civil society and the attachment of the main consumer organisations, environmental organisations, business organisations and trade unions. This non-profit alliance has no legal form. It is formed by more than 60 organisations that support and promote the self-consumption of clean energies.
More synergies

Otras aliadas con las que compartimos proyectos, así como nuestra visión de la transición energética son:


Agotzenea, Proyecto ecoeducativo
It is a demonstrative space, built according to bio-construction criteria and techniques. It produces its own energy, reuses rainwater, treats grey water, and grows food in a sustainable way.


It is based in the Basque Region, where it develops management projects, energy-saving projects, energy efficiency projects and the implementation of renewable energies, both in the public and in the private spheres. Its purpose is to promote transition towards a new, clean, sustainable and citizen-driven energy model.

Endef, Solar Solutions
endef Solar Solutions

Endef, Solar Solutions
They are a benchmark in solar technological innovation. They seek to innovate and develop solar technologies that bring renewable energies closer to people, in order to make the world sustainable and 100 % renewable.