Technical consultancy for the implementation of energy projects and training on energy during the participatory processes carried out so that citizens can take an active role in promoting the change of energy model. Those processes are usually promoted by local entities or groups of people who want to implement renewable energy and/or energy efficiency projects by actively involving citizens.
• Designing energy plans for local entities and organisations with the purpose of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
• Participatory processes for citizen empowerment.
• Creating energy communities.
• Participatory energy audits.

Proceso participativos

Engineering and technical consultancy for Energy Transition, which includes environmental sustainability and the study of the local impact of all of our services.

Energy efficiency
• Diagnosis of the current energy situation.
• Action plans.
• Energy study to implement energy saving and proposals for action.

Collective Self-Consumption
• Support during the design and selection of the type of installation.
• Processing paperwork with energy distribution companies.
• Preliminary projects, execution projects and site management in solar photovoltaic energy installation works.

• Potentiality studies.
• Preliminary projects, execution projects and site management in collective installations: district-heating.


Ingeniería y asesoría

Development of instructional materials on energy efficiency and renewable energy and implementation of those materials by using participatory methodologies, gaming, inclusive language and easy-to-understand language. Development of other resources for an effective  communication and information transmission aimed at the target audience, depending on the type of courses, means of dissemination, and contents.  
• Guides and other documents aimed at raising awareness among citizens.
• Contents and materials for specific courses on solar photovoltaic energy for self-consumption, collective self-consumption and energy communities.
• Courses and technical workshops.
• Training and empowerment workshops aimed at different target audiences.

Sensibilización y divulgación